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About Us

In practice for over 20 years as a Psychotherapist and Neuropsychologist, Dr. Gabe Newman applies skills as a neurofeedback, biofeedback, hypnotherapist and family therapist practitioner, in pursuit of the best possible treatment for his patients. Dr. Newman is the author of How to Eliminate Depression and Negative Thinking”, a manual that makes clear the pathways leading to depression and the way out (a cognitive-behavioral approach).

Our team includes clinical psychologists, psychology associates, a nurse, and Toni, our friendly office manager. Protocols applied by The Neuroscience Team include neurocognitive, neuro-muscular, visuo-spatial, and sensori-motor integration. In the patient’s interest, our professionals collaborate with family physicians, specialists such as internists and psychiatrists, oncologists, pain management specialists, neuro-surgeons, neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, and any other relevant specialists. For medical mystery cases where results are not easily obtained, combining our treatment methods with the physician’s continued care often boosts recovery/improvement rate.