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“As a patient of the Neuroscience Team for the past 2 years, I have found everyone to be very caring, supportive, attentive and dedicated. This includes not only the front desk personnel, but the entire practice. I honestly have to say I would be lost without the Neuroscience Team. They have certainly helped me in many ways. I like that they work together as a team and make the patient their top priority. I couldn’t ask for better care and truly appreciate all that they have done for me.

Dr. Newman and his staff will take the extra steps when needed to investigate things further as they did with my case. Prior to meeting with them, I had consulted with other doctors who specialized in this same area. I found myself very frustrated. I felt the other doctors really weren’t listening or taking the extra effort needed in order to further investigate both the cognitive and memory issues that I was experiencing. I didn’t fit the typical textbook that some doctors think patients should fit so I needed someone who could basically think outside of the box. So I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Newman’s office. In addition, they took the extra time to consult with my loved ones and other doctors about my condition. They both wanted to provide the best care possible. I will always appreciate them for this.

All of the therapists have been wonderful and have worked closely with me. The neurofeedback and cognitive therapy they have used has helped to strengthen my areas of weaknesses. This had made my experience a positive one and I would highly recommend this for anyone in need of this type of therapy.”

– Anonymous


“There are neuroscience teams, and then there is The Neuroscience Team of Dr. Gabriel Newman. Comparing other neuroscience teams to The Neuroscience Team is like comparing Boy Scout troops to an elite Special Forces team. The Neuroscience Team’s knowledge, insight, resourcefulness, intuitiveness, creativity, genuine compassion, communication skills and people skills in their field of work are the best I have ever seen on any medical team. They work cohesively together to give their patients the very best chance to recover as fully possible as they can anywhere in the world not just our area. These two amazing doctors are so amazingly intelligent, compassionate, articulate and straight forward with their treatments and diagnosis. A patient can’t help but feel relaxed and confident in their care. Also, Dr. Newman’s practice has surrounded themselves with an “A List” pedigree of therapists that mend their patients back to health like I have never seen or experienced before. The doctors and therapist thoroughly understand what it is like to have a severe head injury which is one of the hardest attributes to find with any of other neuroscience teams which really assists with the bonding of their patients to this medical team like a family caring for a loved one. Not only are the medical staff this equipped, but their office staff are so professional, caring, discrete and compassionate to their patients. They take the stress out any paper work and insurance issues a patient may have. They will work tirelessly to get their patients setup and the best possible care and schedule they can give. If there is any issues to work out within the office, you get a wonderfully intelligent and resourceful staff member face to face to work it out with you. This team is a rare jewel in the neuroscience field and research. Simply said, The Neuroscience Team are rockstars among their peers. They have personally saved my life and my future. Because of The Neuroscience Team, my abilities and the potential of successfully recovering from my severe head injury is now a realization and fact, not just a dream as it would have been with other neuroscience teams. The Neuroscience Team are the best, and going to any other team for a severe head injury otherwise would be like giving up on recovering all together and throwing away your future life. You will find no better team than The Neuroscience Team of Dr. Gabriel Newman. They are not only recovering me from my head injury, they are recovering my life.”

– W.S.