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UPDATE –  May, 2022




After more than 30 years of service to the greater Baltimore community, The Neuroscience  Team is suspending activity at this time (June, 2022), due to need to downsize our operations for health reasons. Dr. and Mrs. Newman will be continuing their work at Psychological Evaluation & Therapy (443-761-5000),  and we welcome you to make contact through this company, should you wish to pursue excellence in treatment.  For those requesting records to be released, please complete the form as indicated below. Thank you for your patronage and support through the years, and may God bless you and yours with good health.


 With Blessings,


 Gabriel & Tamar Newman




Medical Record Requests:


To request medical records: please print the form below, and fill out. Then fax to: 877-977-0511


Name:__________________________________Patient for whom record is requested:_______________________


Please specify the records requested. We do not advise release of progress notes of sessions in unrestricted form, since this compromises and cancels patient confidentiality. Instead, please specify the specific reports requested, and perhaps a summary of treatment.  


 Records requested:_________________________________________________________________________________




 Specify form in which you wish to receive the records (email, fax, or mail):__________________________________


 Your address:______________________________________________________________________________________




 Phone number: __________________________ Fax number (if available):____________________________________


 Email address:______________________________________________________________________________________


 Please sign below: I hereby verify that I am legally authorized to receive medical records on behalf of the above-named patient, and that I will protect the confidential and HIPPA-protected nature of these records. 


 Signed: ____________________________________Print your name:____________________________ 
























































































What Our Patients are Saying

“The Neuroscience Team’s knowledge, insight, resourcefulness, intuitiveness, creativity, genuine compassion, communication skills and people skills in their field of work are the best I have ever seen on any medical team … A patient can’t help but feel relaxed and confident in their care. … their office staff are so professional, caring, discrete and compassionate … They have personally saved my life and my future…”

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