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Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Many assume that there is nothing we can do about the cognitive declines that come with age. Memory problems, difficulties focusing or paying attention to detail…as these show up, the faulty assumption is often made that ‘it comes with the territory’ of the aging process. “I’m having a senior moment” represents, to many, a moment that cannot be prevented.

We also have a tendency to assume that every decline in cognitive performance is a dreaded, irreversible dementia.

This is not true.

Advances in neuroscience have resulted in help for those experiencing memory and cognitive challenges in their senior years.

It starts with a good neuropsychological evaluation, so we know which areas of mental function are most affected. A brain map can also provide critical clues to causes of the problem.

With care, we might also be able to identify lifestyle factors that influence cognitive function, that can be improved. This includes: diet, sleep habits, activity levels in both physical and mental domains, use of over-the-counter drugs or other substances in ways that hurt cognition.

At The Neuroscience Team of Baltimore, we use every new scientific advance to help our patients – provided it is proven safe and effective in evidence-based, peer review journal studies. Inflammation of the brain needs to be reduced. By stimulating neurological activity, through neurofeedback (for more about neurofeedback, Click Here) or stepwise, computerized strengthening of cognitive skills, it is possible to preserve or even acquire new mental abilities. Recent findings in neuroplasticity have proven that regeneration of brain neurons can occur at the most advanced ages, and that synaptic connections can be generated throughout life. These exciting findings tell us that it’s never too late to develop the brain and enhance cognitive function.

The Neuroscience Team is committed to helping elders be the most of what they can; we offer cutting-edge, non-medicinal methods to restore and enhance cognitive function.

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