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Autonomic Dysregulation

In our practice, we consistently hear from patients that there is a lack of medical service and support for those suffering from POTS (Postular Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), autonomic nervous system dysregulation, and connective tissue disease. For this reason, we have chosen to do what we can to help this populace.

People suffering from POTS or Connective Tissue Disease (e.g. Ehler’s-Danlos) often struggle with a myriad of symptoms, including: chronic fatigue, migraine/headache, sleep disorders, a feeling of faintness and a sense of ‘brain fog’, memory problems, depression and anxiety, and more. It is difficult for these patients to find the combination of physicians and psychological expertise as can help them, thus they are forced to travel well beyond the Baltimore metropolitan area for consultancy. This may not be in the budget of every family.

Recognizing the complexities of dealing with these difficult conditions, we have undertaken to provide help and support for this populace, with a willingness to work in close tandem with other treating physicians.

The first and most important factor is good medical evaluation and support, which is provided in our practice. We collaborate with Dr. Layton, pediatrician, allergist & immunologist, to obtain thorough work-ups, and tests or scans as needed. We also enjoy working with GBMC’s genetic testing department, and refer to Johns Hopkins for the same purpose.

Next, a neuropsychological evaluation is an important component in the care, to gain a clear picture of the cognitive difficulties being experienced by patients. Dr. Newman will oversee both the neuropsychological evaluation, and possibly A QEEG, or brain mapping, which can also offer valuable diagnostic information about the individual’s electro-cortical activity in the cortex. Then, through behavioral interventions and management, we can help individuals learn to better manage their fluctuating symptoms, with the objective of attaining better quality of life.

Our office is also equipped to provide sleep disorder evaluations, if indicated.

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