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Studies in the field of Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) have established the primary place of a Mind-Body approach in pain relief and healing. When it comes to auto-immune diseases, or chronic pain syndromes such as fibromyalgia and RSD, the ongoing stress of suffering from the symptoms sensitizes the limbic system, increasing the discomfort. This cycle often continues repeatedly, fueling itself.

Several treatments have been documented to effectively interrupt this cycle, bringing relief and a reduction in symptoms. These include biofeedbackneurofeedback, and hypnotherapy.

Individual response rate varies from patient to patient.

Biofeedback provides patients with an opportunity to attend to components of their autonomic nervous system individually, and to reset both mind and body to calmer states of being. As the limbic system attains peace, symptoms reduce. The patient experiences a sense of greater control over her condition, with improvements in quality of life.

Recent advances in the technology of biofeedback have also allowed us to target specific muscles or neurological regions with electronic, infra-red or ultrasonic impulses that reduce tension and induce relief.

Neurofeedback involves a more direct approach to the Mind part of the Mind-Body system. In neurofeedback, the patient is provided with an opportunity to retrain his brainwaves. Since research has provided us with deeply enhanced understanding of the brainwave patterns that accompany, or bring about relief, and feel-good states, we can help patients attain these states relatively quickly. Yet again, this reduces symptoms and gives the patient more control.

Hypnotherapy is yet another effective approach to chronic disease and pain: by addressing the sub-conscious of the patient directly, a therapist can interrupt the reactivity of the limbic system, resulting in enhanced health and wellness.

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