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Our Staff

Gabriel Newman, Ph.D., Clinical psychologist and Neuropsychologist

My passion is to connect with people, to help and support them in their life struggles, and to provide them with the very best of what Neuropsychology and Psychology can offer. My original training was in Neuropsychology, but from there I went on to Developmental Psychology, and added Clinical and Family Therapy, in order to better help my patients. I was fortunate enough to benefit from training in Hypnotherapy, Bio and Neurofeedback, and principles of Family Dynamics and Communications. I believe in the power of the mind over body, and over struggles, and in the infinite capacity of humans to overcome their difficulties, turning their lives into a story of triumph.

Our practice is proud to work closely with Richard Layton, M.D., pediatrician, allergist/immunologist. Dr. Layton occupies an office within our suite, and works closely with patients on complex medical challenges. He can also assist with qualifications required for CBD treatment.

Additionally, we often refer to interventional radiologists, neurosurgeons, psychiatrists, pain management doctors, internists and GPs, and neurologists.

Clinical Providers within our practice include: Eva Pechin (Psych Associate), Tracey Brown (Psych Associate), Gene Pometto (LCPC), Kevin Narby (LGPC), Shanice Marks (LGPC), Frank Gaston (LGPC), and Amira Newman-Silver (Psychometrist).

Administrative staff includes: Caroline Friedly (Office Manager, Biller), and Niki Lantieri (Front Desk, Assistant Biller).