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Recovery From Brain Incidents

Assessments and Evaluations of Brain Injuries of all Types

Head and Brain injuries are of many different types, including those from the ‘outside’ and those from the ‘inside’. A few examples of Head trauma from the outside are: impact to the head in car accidents, work-related injuries with falling object, or a fist punch. A few examples of head trauma from the inside may be stroke or brain tumor, early dementia, symptoms following flu shot, or medication. Non-specific Mild Cognitive Impairment which may be idiopathic (unknown source), or from specific illnesses that affect brain function, such as Lyme’s disease or lupus, are also considered within the realm of brain injury.

Our cognitive evaluations of patients are of the highest standards, meeting patients’ needs.

Neuropsychological Testing , Brain Mapping and Extended EEGs, assist patients in obtaining the most comprehensive picture of ‘what is going on’ in their brain, providing pathways to best recovery, following any type of concussion, internal or external brain injury.

Our clinicians employ the most advanced technological and clinical testing and evaluation systems.

Advocates who work to obtain the most for their patients will find that our care, and results for the patients who come to us, meet their hopes and expectations. We are aware of the upheaval and trauma that an entire family experiences following a member’s brain injury.

Dr. Gabriel Newman, Neuropsychologist, works with a team of dedicated and skilled therapists who utilize the most advanced testing and technology to bring about improvement. We determine appropriate test protocols from the myriad of neurocognitive tests available, and generate an extremely integrated report that incorporates EEG results, medical tests, and neuropsychological testing into a cohesive picture of the injury and the road to best recovery. We never lose sight of the individual in the story; each patient’s unique challenges, pain and suffering are taken into account, together with the effects upon their family.

Our approach to recovery also considers all the above factors in designing a program that will assist in the attainment of maximal brain recovery, and results. Initial assessments, quantitative EEGs, and testing are of the highest quality. The quantitative EEG provides a picture of the patient’s brain that assists our clinicians to target the area of the brain that needs rehabilitation. Patients who are dedicated to the program experience significant positive changes and results. Although individual response does vary from one patient to another, patients generally report that their memory, productivity, and rating of life satisfaction is increased through their work with us. Family members report improvements in mood, relationships, and productivity with rehabilitation.

Also important to consider: we are patient advocates, ardently devoted to supporting the patient in his/her unique needs following Traumatic Brain Injury, whether it involves legal or forensic involvement, coordination with medical professionals, or simply being there with our patient through their challenges.

In summary, we offer a recovery and rehabilitation experience in which not only the patient, but family and legal representatives are involved in every aspect of the patient’s needs.

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